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You by The Railsplitters

Directed and edited by Woodruff Laputka (


From their home in the Colorado Rockies, The Railsplitters have been scaling new heights with a refreshing and charming range of bluegrass and beyond-bluegrass music. For a debut album, The Railsplitters sound remarkably assured, playing with the kind of abandon their live shows are known for. Bringing real depth and formidable talent, this group draws influences from all the greats--from Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs to modern groups like Uncle Earl and Crooked Still. The Railsplitters are nothing if not enthusiastically bluegrass and contagiously so, with rapid tempos, unusual instrumentals and good-time breakdowns! Using powerful female and male vocals, enchanting harmonies, and masterful instrumentals, The Railsplitters have the kind of raw power that can raise mountains and even a few eyebrows.

-Mindie Lind, Hearth Music


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Upcoming Shows


Fall Back Beer Fest, Estes Park, CO

Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO

Walnut Room, Denver, CO

Buffalo Rose, Golden, CO