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Check out this brand spankin' new video, filmed live at the Colorado Center for Musical Arts, by Kyle Ussery of Flat Nine Design. Penned by lead vocalist, Lauren Stovall, it is a prelude for The Railsplitters' third album, due to be released in 2017. 

photo: Kyle Ussery

photo: Kyle Ussery

Fresh off the success of their first album, and taking first place in Rockygrass’ Best New Band Competition, Colorado natives, The Railsplitters got busy touring the US, meeting wider audiences, and of course, spending hours in the tour van! As you can imagine with five members traveling across the United States, the musical array pouring out of the van onto the open highway was wildly eclectic, crossing over genre and time. The musical potpourri heard in their time on the road eventually began to seep into the band’s own music. With their new album, The Faster It Goes, The Railsplitters, are using these new influences to break the bonds of bluegrass and unleash tradition. Lauren Stovall and the rest of the ‘Splitters suggest that using your roots to evolve is really at the heart of the genre as, Bill Monroe himself was an innovator. With their finger on the pulse, The Railsplitters are pushing the genre forward with an adventurous spirit, carrying in the tradition of breaking boundaries with their innovative sound.

-Mindie Lind, Hearth Music


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